Dear Passionate,

This 19th edition of THE NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR®, devoted to cars built between 1930 and 1955, will be committed to refinement, passion and taste. .

The region and selected locations underline the prestige that surrounds the uniqueness of this edition. The exclusivity of the tour will reflect along the entire journey, through the quality of the hotels, the routes, as well as the gourmet experiences.

We are proud to offer this unique program. It will surely remain engraved in the shared memories of the participants as a great moment of pleasure and excellence.

Bordeaux and its surroundings are undeniably recognized as a mythical region for epicurean amateurs. We are delighted to bring to you the chance to share this passion about the culinary and wine heritage and the ambience so unique to the Bordeaux region which is rich in pleasures and traditions.

The Master Switch Team

Het Master Switch Team



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