Zondag 15.06.2014


Brussels - AUTOWORLD

Sunday 19.05.2013

Technical Scrutineering and Signing On

Walking Birthday Party of the Participants and Sponsors

Loading of the trucks headed to Bilbao



BILBAO (Guggenheim Museum) - SAN SEBASTIAN

Wednesday 18.06.2014

The participants will travel by their own means to Bilbao on Wednesday morning.
Their vehicles will be ready and waiting in Bilbao.

Lunch and Visit of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
Departure for San Sebastian via the beautiful region of Guernika and the Balcon de Biskaia to reach the Atlantic Coast and discover San Sebastian and its history.

Hotel Londres y Ingleterra****, San Sebastian (S)




Thursday 19.06.2014

Very nice route towards the Southwest, during which we leave the Western foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees to reach La Rioja. Here, we will lunch in a well-known vineyard.
After a regularity test on the superb circuit of Los Arcos, the competitors will be able, during the afternoon, to enjoy the breathtaking views and stunning deserted paths, creating a more selective route but nevertheless accessible and entertaining.

Hotel Londres y Ingleterra****, San Sebastian (S)




Friday 20.06.2014

We will reach the Bidassao Valley to cross the border and enter the French Pyrenees. We will then head toward Biarritz and witness its love story with the Ocean via Saint Jean Pied de Port and the Pilgrimage route of Saint Jacques de Compostela.
Hôtel du Palais*****, Biarritz (F)




Saterday  21.06.2014

The day’s journey will reveal a new route, driving along the beautiful route of the Cimes, allowing us to embark in the very preserved and gorgeous Bearn. We will then head back towards Bayonne and Biarritz driving through the Adour Valley.

Hôtel du Palais*****, Biarritz (F)




Sunday 22.06.2014

After a magnificent evening in the five-star palace, we will head to Biarrits-Anglet’s Airport for the loading of the trucks, the award ceremony in a unique setting and the trip back to Belgium in a specially chartered plane for the participants of the NCT,




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