Dear Passionate Automobile Fans,

This year, THE NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR ® is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. This great occasion is a perfect opportunity to bring changes to the tour’s formula and to discover a region, which so far is still little known of in the NCT.

The 2014 NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR ® is much more than just a standard rally, therefore it cannot bear any kind of comparison.
The tour is defined as a beautiful unique event, but above all, as unforgettable outdoor vacations.
During a couple of days, you will drive from wonder to wonder, coming across breathtaking landscapes and stunning deserted paths.

In order to enjoy your accommodations, you will only be staying in two hotels.
This will bring more comfort to your stays.

A few days prior to the official departure, a meeting will be organised to ensure all technical and administrative controls. The loading of the cars in the trucks headed to Spanish Basque Country will take place at the same time.

The rally’s course is absolutely amazing and divine. It honours these regions’ refinements, highlights the beauty of the paths and fosters the pleasure of driving on such trails.
Experience four days of absolute delight and pleasure.

You will wander across the French and Spanish Pyrenees, and will witness what are undoubtedly the most remarkable landscapes of Europe.

Over the years, Discovery teams have joined the Regularity Specialists of THE NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR ®.
They will travel aboard their beautiful engines, following the path at their own pace.
Like previous years, our team of friendly and motivated professionals will be there to ensure that this sporting event be as memorable as past editions and that you fully enjoy this high quality vacation.
The repatriation of your vehicles is also planned, more details will be provided as we approach the departure date.
Let us remind you that the 2014 NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR ® will take place from Wednesday June 18th to Sunday June 22nd 2014.
In addition, an aircraft will be chartered in Biarritz on Sunday June 22nd around noon.
This will allow all participants to return to Belgium by the beginning of the afternoon.
Last but not least, THE NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR ® being a sporting event, we will also have the opportunity to follow and support our Belgian Red Devils’ live performances in Brazil.
Hoping to seeing you soon,

Jacques Bruyns


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