The Participation Fee is of 7.975 (taxes included as well as 50 of entry fee) and covers:

From Wednesday June 18th to Friday June 20th   Hotel Londres y Ingleterra****   San Sebastian
From Friday June 20th to Sunday June 22nd   Hotel du Palais*****   Biarritz

Competitors who so wish can subscribe to the following supplements:

Transportation to Bilbao is at the participants expenses; the travel costs back to Belgium are included in the Participation Fee.
The costs of transportation of the vehicles from Belgium to Bilbao (Spain) and from Biarritz (France) to Belgium are also at the participants expenses.
(See information and contacts on page 6)

The procedure for the acceptance of participants and the release of the participation fee will be as followed:

The procedure for acceptance of participants and payment procedures will be as follows:

In the event of cancellation by the participant, the following rule applies:

Moreover, no refund will be made in case of cancellation due to an external cause to the will of the organizer.

However, the Participation Fee will be fully refunded to candidates whose nomination will not have been accepted by the Selection Committee.

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Please send your application or request for information to

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Jacques Bruyns

475 Avenue Louise
1050 Bruxelles

Tel. : + 32 2 613 16 25
Fax : + 32 2 613 16 75
e-mail :

As soon as we have received the application form and your deposit, we'll send you your selection file number.

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