For ten years now, THE NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR ® has been organized under the aegis of the International Automobile Federation as a Regularity Rally.

Perhaps the time has come to rethink the essential identity of this event so that it can develop towards a format that better answers to the expectations of a particular fringe of its followers.

Fewer cars, greater conviviality, a true journey at the speed of vehicles of yesteryear in a region renowned for that special British touch of comfort and way of life.

A beautiful area, excellent roads winding through lush green and bucolic countryside.

An area steeped in history from the conquest of the Island by William to the invasion attempts of the summer of 1940 which were foiled by a British Royal Air Force heroic in their courage, spirit of self-sacrifice, technical ingenuity, skill and patriotism.

Finally, an area totally bound to the history of the Automobile as we shall be taking a trip into the history and patrimony of the English automobile visiting not only the National Automobile Museum in Beaulieu but also the Rolls Royce Motorcars’ Factory not forgetting the stop at one of the great Formula 1 constructors with the grand finale as privileged spectators at the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed!!!

Enjoy this new experience.

Jacques  Bruyns


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