Regulation (Extracts)

Regulations Approved by the RACB SPORT (Royal Automobile Club de Belgique) and submitted for approbation by the FFSA (Fdration Franaise du Sport Automobile)
Eligibility Any team made up of a maximum of 2 people who are allowed to drive in turn without any particular systematical designation as long as they comply with current road racing regulations. Both the team members need a regularity licence issued by RACB SPORT.

A team is made up of a maximum of two members who can drive in turn without systematic allocation, as long as they are complying with the usual provisions of road regulations.

The team members have to be holders of a valid « REGULARITY PERMIT» (issued by RACB SPORT).
A maximum of 35 cars will be admitted to the start ( from 1930 to 1965).
Selection Anybody wishing to be invited to the event has to send an invitation request that has been duly filled in and signed on the relevant document by 31st May 2010, to:

5 A Square des Grées du Loû
Fax : 32 2 675 84 39

Invitation application forms: click here.
The organiser will publish the official list of entrants admitted to the start on 25.08.2009.

The participation fee is of EUR 7,155, incl. VAT, - of which EUR 25 entry fee - payable as follows: A EUR 3,000 deposit to be paid to Masterswitch sprl, 5A Square E des Grees du Lo 1190 Brussels; Account n BE35 7320 2193 0337 (BIC: CREGBEBB)

The outstanding amount has to be paid by 31.05.2010

Should a competitor wish to cancel his or her reservation, the following principle will be applied:

  1. Cancellation by 28.02.2010: 100 % outstanding amount refunded
  2. Cancellation by 15.05.2010: 25% outstanding amount refunded
  3. Cancellation between15.05.2010 and 15.06.2010: no refund

Also, no fee will be refunded in case of cancellation due to a cause other than the organisers will (force majeure)
The total fee will be refunded to applicants whose application has been turned down by the selection committee.


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