This year, THE NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR® will be celebrating its tenth anniversary.
Can it really be ten years already? The passionate fans and friends of the event will be getting together again for the tenth time once more to experience four or five days of sport adventure and international pleasures in their classic cars.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for them to return to basics while enjoying an event that matches their current lifestyle even more and at the same time also giving an even greater number of people another occasion to act out their passion within the standards that have our event so famous.

The current edition will be focusing both on our beautiful country and the bordering ones, giving us the opportunity to re-visit some fabulous areas. We’ll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary at the end of the event with a climax on Saturday where everybody can take part and celebrate the right way.

Actually, we have scheduled a world “first” in THE NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR 2009 with a regularity «city-criterium» of more than 10 kilometres across the shopping streets and avenues of Knokke le Zoute.

It will be great fun to test, for the first time ever worldwide, a satellite circuit timekeeping system as both the Nürburgring Nordschleiffe and Spa Francorchamps can give us the chance to host numerous RT arrivals and score new average times on legendary, almost inaccessible circuits!

We will be enjoying this rally race as much as we have over the last nine previous editions whilst still staying committed to the environment and socialising principles typical of “true road gentlemen”.


Jacques  Bruyns


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