Your NATIONAL CLASSIC TOUR® has probably become your favourite "classic" after spending 7 years experiencing the roads of Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Switzerland and, last but not least, wonderful France with such great scenery and superb romantic routes and ever changing colours.

Once again we'll have the opportunity to experience our passion for classic cars while staying committed to the exceptional environment as well as meeting the inhabitants who have been kind enough to invite us in their wonderful regions. We'll feel how wonderful our cars are and how they can respectfully fit into the landscape whilst driving peacefully with sporting spirit.
Regularity rally racing has to keep going thanks to the true "gentlemen" of our caravan, all keen to share our passion while keeping in mind that motorcars are and must remain synonymous with freedom and fun.
This has always been our personal typical trade mark and we want to maintain it so as to keep on enjoying the pleasure of "constructing" for you and setting up a superb week full of sporting joys and memorable moments of friendship and passion. Once again thank you for taking part and joining our philosophy – the only one worth in our view.

Thanks again for driving like a true "guest".


Kiki  Bruyns

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